Pizzaiolo/Proprietor Mark Hopper has been hired by Thomas Keller, fired by Thomas Keller and re-hired by Thomas Keller.
During his 30 years in some of the best kitchens in the world, Mark has learned one very important thing, it's part of the process to be incorrect at times so you learn and grow.

Vignette Pizzeria is a scene in the career of  Mark Hopper, with a family tree rooted in Italy, it was only natural that Mark would be drawn to the simplicity and elegance of authentic Neapolitan pizza. Inspired by his childhood memories of pizza nights, spending time in his grandparents’ garden and watching his grandfather make homemade pasta and wine, Hopper decided to open an eatery that would honor that heritage. To  this day the memory of his grandfather making pasta and wine at home. Vignette Pizzeria is home.

Mark puts it this way: “I learned the beauty of repetition from Chef Thomas Keller doing the same task over and over always looking to improve and evolve; always respecting the product and its history. I found that beauty and love in making pizza .The rich history energizes me and the challenge of all the daily nuances humbles me. Using my hands, while reflecting on my grandfather’s focus on the working of his craft in his day, with my heart I chase the vision of pizza perfection."