What does Vignette mean?

A Vignette is a short impressionistic scene. It focuses on one moment or gives an impression about a character, object, an idea or a setting. A good vignette creates a desire for more. 

What kind of pizza does Vignette Pizzeria serve?

Vignette pizzeria is known for its unique style of Neapolitan Pizza. Our Neapolitan Pizza dough is hand made with only organic flour, water and salt, baked in a wood fire oven at 850-900 degrees. This produces a lightly charred, tender crust, topped with the highest quality local organic ingredients. All pizzas are 12" round; we do not serve slices. 

What days are you open?

Vignette Pizzeria is open 12-9pm Thursday - Monday. We are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Is there gluten free pizza?

We do not offer gluten free pizza.

Are there options for those with gluten sensitivities?


Will you accomodate allergies?

Yes, pending the circumstance, 48 hr notice is required.

Will you accomodate vegetarians?

Yes, pending the circumstance, 48 hr notice is required.

Do you allow corkage?

Yes, the cost is $25.00

Is Vignette Pizzeria available for private parties?

Yes, of course! Please send inquiries to mark@vignettepizerria.com.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, we love walk-ins. Reservations are only required for parties of 6 or more. Be advisied, we do sell out of dough, so it does help us to know if you will be joining us.

May I increase the size of my party?